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The Homeland Security Presidential Directive has identified WARN programs that are forming across the country as critical to the nation's infrastructure.

A utilities-helping-utilities or peer-to-peer approach to incident response and recovery is the most effective and efficient way to help a utility bring its system back to normal operations within the shortest time frame possible.

Membership advantages include:

  • Increased planning and coordination
  • Enhanced access to specialized resources
  • Information exchange
  • Expedited arrival of aid and personnel in an emergency
  • Reduced administrative conflicts
  • Resource inventory and availability status
  • Identification of AWWA professional crew listings
  • Access to water and wastewater professionals with training and experience to help solve emergency situations
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Become a member

Representatives of Nevada's drinking water/wastewater agencies are invited to join this vital program with no obligation to provide or receive aid.

The program is self-sufficient through in-kind services and there are no membership fees.

If you would like to join NvWARN, please review the bylaws before submitting a membership application.

Have questions? Please contact us.

Complete a Membership Application

Become an associate member

While only Nevada utilities may become full, voting members of NvWARN, the organization also offers an associate membership.

Associate membership is open to any non-utility participant, approved by the NvWARN Executive Committee, that provides a support role for the WARN program.

The types of organizations that would serve as associate members include the State Department of Public Health, World Water Association, AWWA and county Emergency Operations Centers.

To become an NvWARN associate member, fill out the membership application and select "associate member" where appropriate.

Already a member?

Activate and view alerts, update your information and more inside of our member portal.

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Mutual Aid Agreement

The Mutual Aid Agreement (MAA) is designed to facilitate rapid emergency response among NvWARN member utilities. Signing the agreement is not mandatory for basic NvWARN registration; however, each member agency is encouraged to have one person from their organization sign and submit the agreement.

Having a signed MAA on file prior to an emergency can greatly facilitate planning and prioritizing by agencies responding to your requests for help.

The NvWARN MAA is not designed to address or settle any or all situations and legalities that may arise. The MAA provides members with an advance, good-faith indication from a responsible party that the requesting utility understands and agrees to the main concepts and provisions (including reimbursement) for mutual aid.

While the MAA provides acknowledgement of the provisions of sharing resources during an emergency, it is up to the requesting utilities that receive equipment and/or services to work directly with the assisting utilities to arrange reimbursement, as well as other aspects of mutual aid.

The MAA simply outlines, in advance, the obligations expected of requesting agencies.

Please complete the Mutual Aid Agreement, and submit via mail or fax.

John Hines
C/O Las Vegas Valley Water District
1001 S. Valley View Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89153