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Purpose of the Mutual Aid Agreement

LVVWD tractor main break

The Mutual Aid Agreement (MAA) is designed to facilitate rapid emergency response among NvWARN member utilities.  Signing the agreement is not mandatory for basic NvWARN registration; however, members are encouraged to sign and submit the agreement in advance.

Having a signed MAA on file prior to an emergency can greatly facilitate planning and prioritizing by agencies responding to your requests for help.

The NvWARN MAA is not designed to address or settle any or all situations and legalities that may arise.  The MAA provides members with an advance, good-faith indication from a responsible party that the requesting utility understands and agrees to the main concepts and provisions (including reimbursement) for mutual aid.

While the MAA provides acknowledgement of the provisions of sharing resources during an emergency, it is up to the requesting utilities that receive equipment and/or services to work directly with the assisting utilities to arrange reimbursement, as well as other aspects of mutual aid

The MAA simply outlines, in advance, the obligations expected of requesting agencies.

Fill out the attached Mutual Aid Agreement, print it out and mail or fax the agreement to:

John Hines - Interim Chairman
Emergency Management Coordinator
EHS & Corporate Security Department
Las Vegas Valley Water District/Southern Nevada Water Authority
Direct: (702) 258-3116
Cell: (702) 378-4852
Fax: (702) 822-8484

Kevin Fisher - Vice Chairman
Director of Operations
Las Vegas Valley Water District
1001 South Valley View Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89153
Office: (702) 258-3109
Cell: (702) 249-3240
Fax: (702) 258-7150

Stephen M. Anderson - Secretary
Manager of Operations/Production
Las Vegas Valley Water District
1001 S. Valley View Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89153
Phone: (702) 258-3170
Fax: (702) 258-2438